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Posted on Feb 26 2024 - 4:20pm

Feb 26 - Monday:

- Trail to First Class (TFC) sessions begin tonight at 6:30PM. If you're just getting started, this is the place for you.

- Troop Meeting 7 PM TBC.

- Mandatory Meeting for parents of scouts attending Camp Alexander Summer Camp. 7PM at TBC. (zoom option on calendar event)

- Last day to retrieve items from Lost/Found

Trail to First Class sessions are back! Starts February 26th at 6:30PM

Posted on Feb 22 2024 - 4:48pm

We will start the Trail to First Class sessions again beginning on February 26th at 6:30PM at Trinity Bible Church.  If you are a new scout who needs to work through the early ranks to get to first class, this is the place for you!  Meetings will be on Mondays before the regular troop meetings. Details of the schedule are below:

TFC Schedule:

  • Note: The rank-specific TFC classes are now for the requirements of that rank. The rank of the night does not have to be the very next rank for the scout. We have made this specification to highlight that Scout through First Class requirements can be signed off in any order.
  • February
    • 2/26 - Scout Requirements (currently unranked)
  • March
    • 3/4 - Tenderfoot requirements (current Scouts)
    • 3/11 - Second Class requirements (current Tenderfoots)
    • 3/18 - First Class requirements (current Second Class)
    • 3/25 - NO TFC (PLC only)
  • April
    • 4/1 - Scout Requirements (currently unranked)
    • 4/8 - Tenderfoot requirements (current Scouts)
    • 4/15 - NO TFC (PLC only)
    • 4/22 - Second Class requirements (current Tenderfoots)
    • 4/29 - First Class requirements (current Second Class)
  • May
    • 5/6 - Scout Requirements (currently unranked) (potentially change to a full sweep to help before the COH)
    • 5/13 - Tenderfoot requirements (current Scouts) (potentially change to a full sweep to help before the COH)
    • 5/20 - NO TFC (Court of Honor)

Okpik Doglsed Trek 2025: ONE spot available!

Posted on Feb 22 2024 - 4:42pm

One of the hottest high adventure treks available!  We have one opening remaining for the Okpik doglsed trek for January 3-6, 2025. If you're interested, contact Kelly Vinton (kelly.vinton@sbcglobal.net or 214 507 0368) for details.  Estimated cost is roughly $1750 +/-.

Summer 2025 Scuba Trek - Need more participants

Posted on Feb 22 2024 - 4:42pm
The summer 2025 Scuba trek needs more participants.  Info can be found HERE
$325 due at the time of registration before 2/28/24 - if we don't get more interest, we'll have to drop the trek.

Parent/Committee Meeting notes/documents repository

Posted on Feb 22 2024 - 12:37pm

Did you miss a parent meeting or need to remember what was discussed?  You can find the notes (and related documents) from the monthly Parent/Committee meetings HERE

Cub Adventure Camp (formerly Twilight Camp)

Posted on Feb 22 2024 - 12:36pm

June 10-14, 2024 at Breckenridge Park from 3:30-8:30pm (actual camp hours 4:00-8:00pm)

Youth and Adult Staff needed.  Great way to earn volunteer hours and give back to the Cub Scouts in our community.

Registration and information can be found HERE
Questions: Katherine Bastian   kwbastian@gmail.com   469-400-5717