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Summer Highlights

Posted on May 23 2024 - 6:05pm

May 24 * Friday: Flags OUT at 5:30PM at the storage facility (so those going on campout on Sat are able to help). HERE are the details.

May 25 * Saturday: Flags OUT at 8:30AM at the storage facility. HERE are the details.

May 25-27 * Saturday-Monday: Splashway Campout  Click HERE for details.

May 31-June 1 * Friday-Saturday: PLC Planning Meeting

June 1 * Saturday: Flags IN

June 2-8 * Sunday-Saturday: Lost Pines Summer Camp

June 10-14 * Monday-Friday: Cub Adventure Camp (formerly Twilight camp)

June 16-22 * Sunday-Saturday: Camp Alexander Summer Camp

June 29 * Saturday: Flags OUT

July 4 * Thursday: Canyon Creek July 4th parade 10:30AM

July 6 * Saturday: Flags IN

August 9-10 * Friday-Saturday: GDX overnight lock-in event (Scouting year kickoff party). Click HERE to register.

Flags OUT - Saturday May 25th (Also a few slots tomorrow afternoon (Friday) for those going on campout to be able to help)

Posted on May 23 2024 - 6:05pm

Hey Troop 1001,
First flag event of the year and it is happening the same day as a Camp Out! If you are not attending camp out please consider helping with flags.

I am adding some slots on Friday night due to the camp out. If you are unable to sign up on Saturday but are available Friday please sign up to help. I have set meeting time on Friday to 5:30 PM but if you can help a little later sign up and let me know. I expect we will still need help Saturday so please sign up Saturday if that works better for your schedule.
Text me with any questions, 817.715.5422.

If you do not have a vehicle that can carry flags, please come help and ride along with others.  Please sign up HERE so I know who is able to help.

We will be meeting at the storage unit.
Donuts and ice cream will be provided.
Thank you in advance.

Swim Test Required for ALL Water activities

Posted on May 23 2024 - 6:05pm

Completion of a BSA Swim Test is required prior to YOUR participation in ANY aquatic activity with the Troopand must be completed every year (even if you passed it last year)

The most common reason it's needed is for Summer Camp BUT it is required for any water activities including if the troop has a canoeing campout or visits a watering hole of any kind. Adults & scouts BOTH will need this swim test completed in order to participate in any pool and/or lakefront activities. 

The troop and Council both offer swim test opportunities each spring. But never fear, now is the perfect time to get it done if you missed the dates and don't want to miss out on upcoming fun troop events. 

You're can Google BSA swim tests for the requirements or ask a pool near you. 

Here are a couple of options for this summer. 

Plano Aquatic Center
Texas Ford Aquatics

If you have any questions about the swim test, please reach out to one of the adult leaders.

Swag for Summer Camp and High Adventures! Time is running out.

Posted on May 23 2024 - 5:01pm
If you or your son are going to Summer Camp or on High Adventures this summer, it is popular to bring multiple Class Bs to wear. Check the clothes closet first but don't wait to order these as access to the Troop room is limited in the summer and sizes may sell out before restocking for next year. 
We have plenty of Class Bs in stock right now, ranging from Youth Large to 3XL.
See Rita with questions!

Richardson Police Dept - Youth Citizen Police Academy - June 10-14

Posted on May 23 2024 - 5:01pm

Captain Gerhart from Community Relations wants to extend an offer to the teens of Richardson to attend this summer’s Youth Citizen Police Academy, June 10-14.  It’s open to ages 13-17.  It is an excellent program and it’s free.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Larry Chrisman.  You can find info and apply HERE on the RPD website.

Splashway campout: Drivers and trailer-towing vehicles needed

Posted on May 16 2024 - 9:54pm
Announcements about the Splashway Campout coming up May 25-27 (note the departure is Saturday AM, not Friday like most campouts):
  • We need some help to make this campout happen.
  • We need more adult drivers and we need volunteers/vehicles for towing BOTH of the trailers.
  • The troop will pay for all adults going (i.e. there will not be a charge for adults)
  • Contact Cary Slobin if you can step-up to help make this campout a reality!